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Mill Lodge Nursery

Mill Lodge baby room has a very relaxed atmosphere. Our children have a great deal of fun doing a variety of activities from the not so messy to the very, very messy, including painting, sand, water and jelly play! We have lots of free play activities – we choose but if the children don’t think these are good enough, they go and help themselves to something else. You can imagine the room with up to nine babies in it!

We know that babies will not all be in the same routines but you don’t need to worry, you just tell us your child’s routine and we work the day around them. Every child in the nursery has a keyworker to ensure their individual needs are being met so you can be assured your child enjoys the same routines that they do at home. We are always happy to discuss any aspect of your child’s day with you at any time.

Our older children continue to benefit from the warm homely atmosphere provided by our dedicated, caring staff, some of whom have been at the nursery since it opened in January 1997. Although we follow our carefully planned curriculum, the children have free access to the nursery’s many resources and this approach to learning means they have fun learning through play. The messier the better! Our garden is safe and enclosed and offers lots of excitement. We can ride bikes, build dens and make our own obstacle course or bridge or anything else we can think of! We also do a lot of digging, currently trying to dig a tunnel from under our tree to Australia.
We pride ourselves on providing a loving, caring nursery, where the staff feel just as loved as the children.

For older children, we have an out of school club, which operates all year round. Children are encouraged to join in with a whole range of activities and fun is guaranteed. Our qualified, caring staff are full of wonderful, creative ideas and the children join in with great enthusiasm. We are open all school holidays and children then meet friends from other schools and enjoy plenty of freedom, under our careful supervision of course.