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Windy Arbor Nursery

Thank you for your interest in our nursery at Windy Arbor. We are a 42 place Neighbourhood Nursery that offers care for children aged 6 weeks up to 11 years. Here at Windy Arbor you will find a warm welcome and staff with big friendly smiles as well as high quality child care. Our qualified staff ensure that new experiences are offered to all the children and every child is included and supported, with staff adapting activities to suit individual needs.

The nursery operates from 7.30am to 6pm, 51 weeks of the year, we are closed for a week over Christmas and on Bank holidays. We offer full day care, morning and afternoon sessions, wrap around, and before and after school care. For Parents wishing to introduce children into nursery, we offer short sessions for children aged two and above. Feel free to contact the nursery for more details.

Our nine place baby room offers a home from home environment where every child’s individual needs are met through qualified nursery staff working closely with each child and family. When your child’s journey begins here at Windy Arbor, we let you and your child choose their staff key worker. This enables a smooth transition from home to nursery, building on positive relationships for the child to develop friendships with other children and staff. Our team in the baby room plan activities around each child’s routine; this promotes a fun and enjoyable environment with lots of natural materials for exploring, messy play to investigate and toys which engage learning through play. Staff capture children’s development and learning through observations, learning stories and these are kept in an individual profile to track progress.

We have a Tweenie room accommodating 12 children. The children continue to have stimulating activities planned around the nursery topics, but the team works closely with the children by finding out their interests. This helps us to provide further activities to engage your child’s learning and extend their thinking and curiosity. Staff promote ‘Parent Child Interaction Therapy Strategies’ to support children’s play, interactions, speech and language. The Early Years Foundation Stage is embedded in all our daily practices, alongside routines and activities which is demonstrated through staff quality of teaching, children’s work, records and stimulating environment within our Tweenie room.

Our Preschool room offers 13 spaces. It gives children plenty of opportunities and experiences to thrive to their full potential. Out team plans activities around the Early Years Foundation Stage, focusing on ‘The Characteristics of Effective Leaning’. This creates an interesting environment for children to play and explore with the resources available. Children are allowed to become confident learners and motivated individuals. Children’s abilities to think critically are observed especially giving them time to ask questions. We provide a balance of adult directed activities and child led activities. Children’s work is displayed in the room.

The learning environment is extended into the garden area as each room has access to outside play in all weathers. Children have a large well equipped space to explore outside, ensuring plenty of opportunities to develop their physical skills and real life learning experiences with natural materials.

Our School Club operates from 8am until school starts and after school until 6pm. Our club is popular with the children who are guided by our team to choose enriched activities relevant to their interests and school topics. Staff engage the children with fun based activities and games both indoors and out. Children enjoy building positive relationships with each other making most use of resources to play, cook, get involved and make lots of mess.

A quiet room is available and offers children the chance to relax and listen to stories or take a much needed nap after a stimulating fun experience here at Windy.

Beechwood at Windy Arbor- happy children, happy staff and lots of happy memories!

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